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Toronto-based custom Web Design & Videography Studio. Mixing piping hot java with JavaScript & drones.

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Introduce Ourselves

Welcome to Coffeeshop Creative. We are a passionate team of web design & videography artists specializing in creating your custom content. Proudly based in Toronto since 2014, we've grown into one of the city’s leading design studios for web & mobile design. From immersive UX/UI designs for web to 4K aerial drone videography, we bring your ideas to life.

Our creative process begins with meeting you at your favourite coffee spot to hear your ideas & story. Out of town? No worries, a virtual "coffee" can easily be arranged over Google Hangouts, Skype or FaceTime. Whether your project requires custom web design or commercial videography, we offer modern, effective solutions and we include you in the process to ensure we craft the best possible experience for you users.

Care to meet the team? Scroll on down!


  • A black-and-white headshot of Stephen Bell smiling at the camera.

    Stephen Bell

    > Founder & Lead Designer

    UX/UI designer and videographer by day and opera singer with the Canadian Opera Company by night.

  • A black-and-white image of Janaka Welihinda smiling and looking upward into the distance while shielding his eyes from the sun.

    Janaka Welihinda

    > Videographer

    A baritone with serious videography skills and a talent for capturing stunning drone and handheld video footage.

  • A black-and-white image of Photographer & Videographer in a black bomber jacket and white baseball cap looking upward to the right.

    Eric Moniz

    > Photographer & Videographer

    A talented man behind the lens both in photography and custom video & film production.


  • A black-and-white headshot of Bahareh Adham smiling at the camera.

    Bahareh Adham

    > Lead Front-End Developer

    Yoga instructor and coder. A talented front-end developer building beautiful websites with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

  • A black-and-white headshot of Michael Uloth smiling at the camera.

    Michael Uloth

    > Front-End Developer

    An opera singer with a love for all things code. Building fast-loading web experiences with HTML, CSS, JS, React & Gatsby.

  • A black-and-white headshot of Joshua McFaul smiling at the camera.

    Joshua McFaul

    > Wordpress Developer

    Vocalist & tabletop game enthusiast. Specializing in WordPress websites that look great on any device.


  • A black-and-white headshot of Angela Bell smiling at the camera.

    Angela Bell

    > Graphic Designer

    A talented Marketing & Brand designer, as well as a film and television actress.

Our Skills
For Your Project

Creating custom content is our passion. From front-end web design and development to commercial promotional videography, we love crafting your unique digital story.

Website Design & Development

From detailed Adobe XD mockups to working prototypes, we create your 100% custom website from the ground up and offer free hosting for all of our clients.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Gatsby
  • Adobe XD

Custom Drone Videography

In need of custom aerial footage? We are licensed and insured drone operators and videographers. Level up your promotional footage by adding a stunning aerial perspective to your work.

  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • DJI Mavic Pro

Custom Promotional Film & Video

We love to bring your story to the screen. From promotional footage to short films, our team goes the extra mile to deliver jaw-dropping results. 4K resolution? Lighting and sound? Animations and effects? We offer all of the above and so much more.

  • Z Cam
  • Canon
  • Lumix
  • Deity Audio
  • Aputure Lighting

Our Best Work...

Bringing your content to life is our passion. From front-end web design and development to promotional videography, we love to share your unique digital story.

Let’s Meet For Coffee...

Want to collaborate on your next project? Let's chat! We're happy to connect via phone, video chat, or in person at your favourite coffee shop (we can recommend some good ones!). Connect with us below and let's get started!

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